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Metformin is used for treating type 2 diabetes.

Can i buy metformin over the counter in australia ? anon448924 Post 14 To me, it looks pretty much like a placebo effect. I feel bit tired and sleepy my digestion slows just a bit, but I'm not hungry. anon448899 Post 13 if i take 4 mg of metformin i feel like don't have to go the bathroom all time. is this normal? anon448895 Post 12 My wife is taking metformin and i found a small lump at the top of her knee at a 1-2% rate. Is this normal? anon444698 Post 11 I was wondering if this is cause of the stomach problems i had for a few months. anon434863 Post 10 I took 100 mg of metformin, twice daily. I felt as though would vomit every couple hours, but I never did. know my blood sugar went from 125 to 160 within a week. What should i do? How would you feel? Are allergic to metformin? anon417888 Post 9 I have suffered from terrible diarrhea in the past. I thought my colon was blocked. No doubt it was. The diarrhea was horrible, it so bad my entire left leg swelled up a lot and it stank like rotting fish. has been a couple years, but I still take Metformin in my food. Today, I drank 4 glasses of milk and about half them had a bit of the metformin left over. I was fine, but now a week later I don't feel tired at all. I could drink 8 glasses of milk tonight and then after a while, I just feel drained for a bit, it's very strange that I can feel after taking metformin, but now that I've gone more than a order metformin online uk week without it, I don't feel anything. Will this ever go away? Do you think maybe it will in time? My question is, I don't know how to find this out now, is that even possible? anon416881 Post 7 I have taken metformin for a few years, and I find that am much more sensitive to heat, e